"Within a week of listing our home at your site our buyer found our property, came out and put a contract on our home."

FSBO Newsletter Volume One

How to Submit Pictures
One of the things that gives people the most trouble with our service is the posting of photographs to their listing. Our picture upload is a totally automated process, all it requires is a little advance preparation. For photo success, just follow these simple steps:
  • Make sure your pictures are in the right format
    The formats supported by our site are jpeg and gif, with jpegs being by far the better choice for most home photographs. The filename should have an extension, such as 554meadow.jpg that indicates it is a jpeg image. If you are running Windows, you need to make sure in the View Options the box that says "Hide the MS-DOS file extensions for file types that are registered" is unchecked and choose the detail view to see the real file name with the extensions.
    If your pictures are in another format or inside another document, you'll need to convert them to one of these two standard formats before you can upload them.
  • Make sure your pictures are not too large
    In order to make sure your page loads quickly and is reasonable viewable, we have limited the size of the photo files to 60K, or 60 Kilo Bytes. This is quite large, as a properly sized jpeg would be about 350-400 pixels wide and with a normal compression usually is only about 20K in size. Again, if you are running Windows, make sure you are using the file detail view (select from the right mouse click menu) so that you see the file sizes. If you need to reduce the size of your photo, please see our photo resizing help on our seller's resources page of the site for more information and suggestions.
  • You'll need your password
    If you did not enter a password or have forgotten it, you can email customer service for help. Always include your listing number in your email so that they can quickly find your listing. The email should come from the same address that is listed in the listing or you should have a way to verify that it is indeed your listing. Your password or a new password will be emailed to you within a day.
    With your password in hand, go to your home's personal listing page. On the left-hand navigation bar, just above the counter that shows you how many times someone has clicked on your personal page, you'l find the Add/Delete Pictures link. Click it, then enter your password when requested. You are then able to choose the Picture # from 1 to 6 that you wish to add, use the browse button to locate the photo on your hard drive, then use the upload button to upload the picture to our site. If all goes well, you are returned to upload more as needed.
    If you need to replace a picture, say picture number 3, just upload a new picture number 3 in it's place. Just follow these simple rules to improve your home's selling ability. And if all else fails, you can always email the picture to us for help!

    Buying and Selling FSBO, Part 1 - Why FSBO?
    Nowadays more and more home buyers are choosing to sell their homes themselves, without the benefit of a real estate broker. Some estimate that over 25% of all homes sold this year will be For Sale By Owner homes, and with the advent of the information resource of the internet, the number is certainly growing! Why do these sellers choose to take on the challenges of selling their home without the assistance of the professional agent? Here are some of the most popular reasons:
  • Save Money!
    In most areas, the real estate sales commission is between 6 and 7 percent. For a typical $150,000 dollar home, that's over Ten Thousand Dollars that could be in your pocket instead of the realtors. Does the realtor perform a valuable service to earn that hefty fee? Absolutely! Can the savvy buyer easily do this work themselves, with the appropriate professional help where needed and save a lot of money? Thousands of home sellers every day are saying yes!
  • You're In Charge!
    If you sell your own home, you are in charge of all of the decisions. What to charge, how to advertise, how and when to show the house are all decisions that you will make. If you believe that you know best how to market your own home, this is the choice for you! Have you ever heard anyone complain that their house sat on the market for months and nothing happened? When you are in charge, that won't happen. Open houses, newspaper ads, passing our flyers, putting your house on the internet all happen when you wish.
  • Sell your home quicker!
    In a good market, it is possible to run the ad today and begin fielding calls from eager buyers tomorrow, no more waiting for the marketing to get cranked up. In a depressed market, selling your home may take much longer. Those extra commission dollars can be used to sell your home for a lower price than would have been possible with a broker. If your house is cheaper than comparable properties in your area, a quicker sale may result. Remember, no one else has more motivation to see your house sold than you do!
    There are also challenges to selling FSBO. Selling your home yourself is not simple, but then again, neither is selling your home through a real estate agent! In the next installments we'll roll up our sleeves and get to work selling ourselves and saving a bundle!

    AllTheListings.com Continues to Grow!
    August 2000 set a new record with over 3400 active listings at AllTheListings.com. That brings us to over a billion dollars worth of property listed, all with no advertising fees or real estate commissions! Tell your friends about the only site on the net where your For Sale By Owner home, business or property can be exposed to the world at no charge, complete with all details and up to six full color photos.
    Through our new partnerships with some of the leading sites on the net, thousands of potential buyers visit our site daily, with many more coming soon with two new partnerships we are currently developing. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to list your home with us and helping us grow. We receive testamonials regularly from people who have sold their home through us. If yours hasn't sold yet, hang in there, make sure you have an appealing price, description and photos. You might consider using our URL in your local ads, www.allthelistings.com/home/details/1234 makes an effective 24 hour salesperson for your home.
    Or, if you want more exposure, consider spending a few dollars on a featured property listing, for thousands of views daily and hundreds of people typically clicking on your property to learn more.

    Future Features
    Our future features in the newsletter will include articles of interest on getting the most out of your free listing site such as tips on searching the site and how we handle your privacy. Our popular Buying and Selling FSBO series will cover all aspects of the process from getting your property ready for sale to closing the sale, check the archives page for complete titles.
    We are including editorial comment, such as the editorial "Why does it cost so much to sell your home" and guest editorials from opposing viewpoints. If you have a suggestion for a story you would like to see feel free to email it to us.

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