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FSBO Newsletter Volume Four

Buying and Selling Real Estate, Part 4 - Advertising to attract buyers
To get the best price for your home, you want to attract interest from as wide a pool of potential buyers as possible. Remember that not everyone shops the same way, some prefer to read the local paper, some favor bargain or "throwaway" papers or real estate magazines, some drive around looking at yard signs in neighborhoods that interest them while still others prefer to do their research from the comfort of their own homes on the internet.
Whichever you personally prefer, you need to remember to cover all your bases. Learn from the professionals, real estate agents who sell homes for a living. There are three things the agent will always do in their quest to sell the home:
  • Place a yard sign.
    These really do draw interest. People who already live in the neighborhood and like the area are your most fertile pool of potential customers and leads. They may be looking for a home for a friend or relative wanting to move into the area. Or, they may be wanting to move up or would like to dabble in the rentals business with a property close to home. Be sure to not miss this valuable market, the professionals never do.
    This valuable resource is also one of your best deals, with simple, effective yard signs available from local building supply stores for just a few dollars.
  • Local Newspaper Listings.
    By the same token, while people in your neighborhood are your best prospects, there are relatively few of them. People in the same town or news area are your next best prospect. Here you will expect to spend some money. Don't overdo it, but a simple, attractive classified or listing for your open house should definitely appear here.
    Check out the possibility of savings using lower priced alternative or giveaway newspapers. I personally sold a home that the real estate agent had been unable to find a buyer for through an eight dollar ad in "The Thrifty Nickel". Don't overlook these as a supplement.
  • Wider Area Listings.
    The last method every successful real estate agent will use is the Multiple Listing Service, a method of attracting interest from the wider pool of buyers outside the immediate area. While the MLS is expensive and may not available to the FSBO seller, the internet provides an excellent alternative. Recent statistics show that between 60% and 70% of home purchasers research their purchase over the internet before buying.

    While there are many internet sites to choose from, with a wide range of prices and services, some constants do stand out.
  • Local and Individual Web Sites are widely available, at prices ranging from free to hundreds of dollars. While many are nicely done, few have the exposure and traffic of the larger websites and you will find quite a few that attract hardly any buyers of viewers at all. Consider closely the traffic and exposure before spending money or even time on sites of this type, to find those who do put in the resources and local advertising to build interest and be worth your while.
    Some of these pay sites give you practically no traffic for your money, beware of those who will not provide you traffic statistics, counters on your personal page or who have only a handful of current listings, there's probably a good reason for that.
  • Large national classifieds sites such as Yahoo and Excite offer free advertising to a wide range of people. The disadvantage to the better of these is that your ad may be lost in the crowd with thousands of listings, many of them placed and refreshed by professionals whose ads may dominate the field. Definitely worth using, though, considering the price is usually free, your cost is just your time and effort to post.
  • Free National sites combine the advantages of the large national classifieds with the advantage of the local sites. The best offer personal listing pages, free photos and save you valuable time by handling the posting of your ad on other sites for you automatically.

    In our view, AllTheListings.com is the best of these, offering all of the above and more. Membership in the For Sale By Owner Internet Network allows your ad to be automatically and instantly found on all of the websites in this network, which includes FSBOi.net, ownerslist.com and USHouseFinders.com as well. Yahoo.com, the world's most popular website, also carries your ad automatically and at no cost to you. Your ad can be changed, updated or deleted at any time and standard listings are always free. Our extensive advertising and promotion provides a steady stream of buyers to the site and our easy to use search engine makes it easy for them to find your property.

    Your internet advertising should always have a personal listing page with photos available. This page should have an individual address to allow you to reference it in advertising and to direct potential buyers to it. When people call and ask for more information and photos, tell them about your web page. Better yet, print it in your advertising and flyers, so they can check it themselves at their convenience 24 hours a day. Try something like "See details and photos at www.allthelistings.com/home/details/1234"

    Whatever you choose, be sure to use all three types of exposure, neighborhood with the sign, local area with the newspaper ad and nationwide with internet advertising to maximize your opportunity to find that one buyer you are looking for!

    AllTheListings.com Continues to Grow!
    August set a new record with over 6800 active listings here at AllTheListings.com. That brings us to well over a billion dollars worth of property listed, all with no advertising fees or real estate commissions! Tell your friends about the best site on the net where your For Sale By Owner home, business or commercial property can be exposed to the world at no charge, complete with all details and up to six full color photos.
    Through our new partnerships with some of the leading sites on the net, thousands of potential buyers visit our site daily. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to list your home with us and helping us grow. We receive testimonials regularly from people who have sold their home through us. If yours hasn't sold yet, hang in there, make sure you have an appealing price, description and photos. You might consider using our URL in your local ads, www.allthelistings.com/home/details/1234 makes an effective 24 hour salesperson for your home.
    Or, if you want more exposure, consider spending a few dollars on a featured property listing, for thousands of views daily and hundreds of people typically clicking on your property to learn more.

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