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How to Upload Photos

Each photo must be of the type jpeg or gif. This means that it must be an image of this type and the filename must have this type of extension as well, such as myhouse.jpg.

To upload the photos, first go to your personal listing page, either directly through the link sent to you by email, by a shortcut, by typing in your personal listing page address (such as www.allthelistings.com/home/details/4343, use your listing number) or by searching from the front page of the site by number or location.

In any case, once you are on your personal listing page you can choose Add/Delete Pictures from under Owner Functions on the lower part of the left navigation bar. You'll next be asked for your password. Enter the password you used when you first created the listing. If you don't have a password or can't remember it, email us with your listing number for password help. Click the Enter button on the screen after entering your password.

You should now be at the photo upload screen. Use the dropdown on the left to choose which picture number you are uploading (start at 1), use the Browse button to point to the picture in the location on your system. When you have chosen the picture number and the picture name, click the Upload button. Be sure to change the picture number to 2 for your next picture to keep the first. You are allowed a maximum of six pictures. If you picture upload hangs or fails, hit stop on your browser and try again. Be patient, if you are on a modem connection it can take a while! If it fails a second time, it is probably because you picture is not a valid gif or jpg or because it it too big. Remember, it must be 60K or less in size.

The maximum picture size is 60K, don't attempt to upload a file larger than 60K since it will not be successful. A properly sized photo would be about 350 x 200 pixels which would give a filesize of around 20K for a jpg.

Windows users can view the file size in by choosing to show details in the Windows explorer. From the View Menu, Choose Options and also uncheck the box that says Hide MS-DOS File Extensions so you can see what type of file you have.

If your image is too large, you need to make it smaller. You can do this with graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop or the software that came with your scanner or digital camera. You can try a web based photo sizing service such as this Free online GIF/JPEG Image Compression
There are also many shareware programs available for free from sites such as download.com or winfiles.com

If you are still unable to upload your files you can email them to us E-Mail info@allthelistings.com and we can assist you in resizing and posting them at no charge.

If you need to have the photos scanned, try a local print shop or Kinkos, who should be able to do this for just a few dollars. Please don't send photos to us by mail, as we do not have the ability to offer this service.

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