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How to Search

All searches are conducted from the Search Criteria box on the front page of the site. If your search does not return enough results, be less restrictive, there may be an interesting property in an adjoining city or price range. Most single family homes are listed as single family, but some may be listed as ranch or something else. To be sure to find what you're looking for, you might want to leave the type set to ANY. If you can't find anything, use just the state search, you can do it quickly from the upper left corner of the screen. Get an idea of what we have in the more than 6500 listings currently active on the system and then narrow down your search.

When searching by price, enter your price as a single number, without dollar signs or commas. That is, enter for Max Price 150000, not $150,000. You can use a partial string on the city name, and that may be a good idea in case the owner made a spelling error. For example, typing ind in the city search box yields matches in Indialantic, Indian Harbor Beach and Indianapolis.

You are also allowed to search across states. You might choose a restrictive search across states, like all mobilehomes with over 4 bedrooms at a minimum price of 80000 and a maximum price of 100000. (There are two currently)

Keywords must be a single word only, no spaces permitted. We do not currently support quotes, phrases or boolean expressions. Examples of good keywords are pool, fireplace or horse. Examples of keyword searches that will fail are "horse AND farm" or fenced yard. We hope to add a more powerful search ability in the future, but with a try or two you can find what you're looking for with the single keyword search.

If you would like to be notified when a matching property is found after a search, use the back button on your browser to go to the previous page and there click the Notify Me! link, or click here and fill in the details.

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